Tzoumerka is an impressive mountainous region between Ioannina, Arta and Trikala.

Mountain tops, gorges, rivers, waterfalls, original beautiful villages, snowed mountains and beautiful lakes are the images that synthesize Tzoumerka.

Katarraktis village is built at a height of 800m, north of Arta in TZoumerka. It consists of the main village, and it includes four settlements : Kryopigi, Milea, Sgara and Vlagkada.

Twin Waterfalls

In the roots of Athamanika Mountains, in a distance of 7klm from the village are locates two impressive twin waterfalls, which like guardians of the mountain let their water flow all year long. The waterfalls are near the Kryopigi settlement which belongs to the village Katarraktis in the west of Tzoumerka, and is one of the most known sights of the area.


St. Aikaterini Church

The well-known monastery of St Aikaterini is located near the settlement. It was founded in 1730 and rebuilt again in 1827. The monastery has been characterized as historically preserved monument.


Kipina Monastery

Kipina monastery is one of the most impressive monasteries in Epirus, built on the edge of a cliff, near Kalarrites village. Its name has come from the gardens which the monks used to grow there. The small temple of the monastery is full of hagiographies of the 17th century.


Anemotripa Cave (Pramanta)

Three kilometers from Pramanta, in the west of Stroggula, at a height of 900 metres, the visitors comes upon “Anemotripa” cave. Unique, colorful stalagmites and three small lakes in the shades of grey, brass and white, that have formed over the passing years create a fantastic scene with imaginary faces and architectural masterpieces.

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